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Unusual translation projects – How we translated a handwritten letter from the Baroque period

Some translation projects are so special that they create a challenge even for our most experienced project managers and translators. This applies to translations for which we need to consult a historian, such as in the case of a handwritten letter from the Baroque period.

A conference center that had long been in the hands of the same family wanted to make the family history available to its guests. The owner contacted us with the job of translating a handwritten letter. It had been written by a member of the family at the beginning of the 17th century during the Baroque period.

It was now to be translated into contemporary Swedish. The letter was illegible and written in very old Dutch. This was one job that would put our network of 4,200 native-speaking translators to the test.

A historian was called in to assist

It soon became clear that it would be difficult to find a translator in Sweden who possessed the skills required. The solution to this unusual translation project came from our affiliate in the Netherlands.

One of the Dutch project managers contacted a well-versed Dutch historian. This historian drafted a copy of the letter in modern Dutch. We were then able to translate this manuscript into Swedish. In the meantime, the parts of the letter are on exhibit in the foyer of the conference center.

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