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The German language that’s spoken and used within the Republic of Austria is known as “Austrian German.” Due to specific vocabulary, different pronunciations, and various features in grammar, Austrian German has evolved more and more as an independent language. Even some spellings differ from the German used in Germany.

For professional translations, it’s important to know these details and to translate accordingly. This is why we only employ native-speaking translators who also have relevant knowledge in different areas such as medicine, law, technology, and marketing.

Besides translating into Austrian German, we also translate from Austrian German into English or virtually any other language you can imagine. We can offer you virtually any language combination.

We do this by virtue of our enormous network of translators around the world. It isn’t uncommon, for instance, for us to provide a certified translation into English of an official document from Austria, such as a birth certificate, to be presented to the USCIS.

The specifics of Austrian German

The biggest differences are in vocabulary and grammar. Although Austria participated in the reform of the German language and its spelling, there are still individual linguistic usages which were not officially removed.

The former Crown Lands of the Austro-Hungarian empire had a remarkable influence on Austrian German – especially Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, and Italian. Also, the Jewish bourgeoisie influenced the German language. Mainly in Vienna and Prague, Jews were strongly represented, so that various terms in Austrian German originated from that community.

Our translators know these characteristics of Austrian German and can precisely translate your documents into any of our 150 languages. Send us your text by email or via the request form, and we will create a quote based on the degree of difficulty and the number of words of the text. You’re under no obligation until you decide to accept the quote and hire us for your job.


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