Translations for the Aviation Industry

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An international airline is dependent upon acquiring customers and communicating with them in their native languages. No one would entrust valuable cargo to an airline that is not capable of communicating properly.

Build a foundation of trust with your customers by having your website translated by native speakers who are also well-versed in your industry’s terminology.

We understand the exceptionally high logistical demands of airlines and aviation services. Accuracy and timeliness are paramount.

Recently Completed Translation Project

Data sheets for the aviation industry

Data sheets for the aviation industry

We recently completed the translation of handbooks and manuals for ground personnel into four languages. The client is a global provider of passenger, ramp, and cargo handling services with 149 stations in 31 countries. Their employees are trained to be informed about all the rules and regulations that apply to the international ground handling industry.

The manuals covered the following subjects:

  • Load Control
  • De-Icing, De-Icing QA Checklists, De-Icing Operation Check Sheets
  • Dangerous Goods 2014
  • Pre & Post De-Icing Inspection Check Forms and Regulations
  • Ramp Safety, Equipment Driving & Operating
  • Aircraft Loading
  • Aircraft Ramp Handling & Servicing
  • ULD Reference

Cost Reduction for Future Updates

For this translation project, the client highly benefitted from our use of translation memory tools. It resulted in reduced translation costs, quicker turnaround times, and increased consistency in terminology. Since repetitions are discounted, the cost of translating a document aided by translation memory with numerous matches is much lower.

Future updates of the aviation industry-related content could also be done at a lower cost, since only changed sentences needed to be translated to be fully compliant with the regulations once again.

Quality That Sets Us Apart

Having comprehensive proficiency in a language is not the only qualification needed to translate airline materials. Technical terminology, vernacular forms, and figures of speech must all be translated properly and in line with modern language use in the country.

Native speakers from the respective country are the only true masters of proper vernacular language. Our specialists also possess extensive training in their fields. Airline website translation requests involve more than just advertising blurbs and catering menus. Information regarding air traffic law, takeoff and landing regulations, customs laws, and import regulations must all be correctly translated, sometimes into multiple languages, and almost always within a very short amount of time.

In order to accurately display texts and pictures on the Internet, knowledge of HTML publication is also useful. Just because an English-text image caption fits underneath a picture on your current English website does not mean it will still look good on a Russian, Spanish, or Arabic website. For assignments like this, you need a professional translation service that can fill your translation request ad hoc and with the highest quality. We have the experience to meet your needs!

Every Project in Any Language

Incorrectly translated texts using ambiguous language can damage an airline’s image. Test our specialists’ linguistic skills. For an unbeatable price, we will translate your website into the language(s) of your choosing at unparalleled speed. With translators, specialists, and native speakers for more than 150 languages, we are qualified to take on the challenges associated with difficult translations and will not shy away from any unusual requests.

Contact us today by phone or email, and one of our project managers will send you a no-obligation quote for your project.


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