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The main branches of biotechnology are red, green, and white biotechnology. Red stands for the medical field, green for agriculture, and white for industry. Biotechnology research spans from studies of individual cells or molecules to small and large organisms, plants, animals, and humans.

Because the scope of biotechnology is so wide, and most biotechnology companies are global, professional translators are in demand. Specialized texts from the field of biotechnology should be translated by native-speaking translators who also have the necessary knowledge of biotechnology. Only a professional is capable of accurately translating the content using the appropriate vocabulary.

Let Professionals Translate Your Complex Specialized Texts

Our translations of biotechnology documents are performed exclusively by trained professionals. When we search for an appropriate translator for your project in our database of 4,200 native translators, we take into account not only the language combination but also the translator's specialization. Regardless of whether you need medical software, specific safety data sheets, or an operating manual translated, we offer a fast and professional service by someone who has extensive education and experience in biotechnology.

Would you like to learn more about our areas of specialization? Besides natural sciences translations, we also offer translations of documents from many other disciplines such as medicine, engineering, and marketing to name a few.

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