Translation support for doing business in Russia?

When foreign companies and people in Russia want to start a business, it makes sense for them to start off with an office or a branch. Neither form of business is considered a legal entity, and they’re relatively easy to set up. All you need to set up a representative office is the accreditation by a special authority. Many documents are available online.

Foreign companies use representative offices in Russia to gain initial experience with the Russian business community and to establish a network. Once commercial transactions need to be settled in Russia, you must at least set up a branch. Again, all you need for this legal entity is the accreditation by the respective authority.

You need a reliable translation partner

Establishing a Co. (in Russian OOO) is a bit more complex. To ensure a successful start to your business in Russia, it’s a good idea to have a strong partner by your side. To enable you to freely communicate with authorities, customers, and business partners, we translate your documents regardless of your field. This is because we have native-speaking translators with in-depth knowledge in many specializations and industries.

Our translators are also experts in the target language, as well as fluent in the originating language. This assures the high quality of our translation results. We will advise you personally and provide you with a customized quote.

Red tape and official stamps

The documents required for establishing a business in all these forms almost always need to be translated into Russian, as well as certified. Anyone who has ever worked in the CEE region will know that many administrative matters in these countries are handled in a roundabout way. Almost nothing is complete without the obligatory stamp.

The company stamp is regarded as a kind of proof of the existence of the new company. There are a large number of law firms that offer their assistance in setting up a company in Russia. When in doubt, it’s best (and ultimately cheaper) to use them rather than become stuck in bureaucratic dead ends.

Business etiquette in Russia

Just like in any country, Russian businesspeople are individuals and can’t be painted with a broad brush. That said, there’s generally a more pronounced hierarchical structure in the country, as well as a more rigorous review process, than in most Western countries.

In the business sector, it’s important to dress well. By the same token, don't let yourself be fooled by the intentionally casual clothes worn by many business partners. These are often very powerful investors.

Translations for any industry

From a simple employment contract to complex software for chemical companies, we translate all kinds of documents in every industry. To ensure that your texts are translated with absolute accuracy, both linguistically and in terms of subject matter, we work exclusively with native translators who have the appropriate knowledge in your specialized area. Our translators know the Russian legal system and the local characteristics that are relevant for your marketing texts, for example.


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