Consistent translations over the course of many years

One of our clients from the food industry wanted to be sure that the terms for

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the raw materials used were always consistently translated – for years to come. Inconsistency had become a problem for the company because of its many departments. Having so many different contact partners meant differing and conflicting use of product and business terms.

Understandably, uniform use of terms was of great importance to the company, especially for its corporate identity, not to mention efficiency.

Consistency – regardless of contact person or translator

The challenge for our project manager, Maria Norgren, was making sure that the requested translations were always consistently done – no matter who from the company placed the order and no matter who from our company performed the translation. And this consistency was to be maintained over a period of many years, continuing today.

Terminology databases are the remedy

To meet the requirements of the client, Maria created a terminology database that was continuously expanded with each job. As a result, our translators always had the current terminology at hand, as did the client’s new contact partners.

Terminology database administration is part of the daily routine of our project managers. They care for the constant addition of new terms and definitions. Learn more about these terminology databases: What is a terminology database?.

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