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With Fasttranslator, you can always expect the highest quality standards. Not only do we professionally and quickly translate for the main fields of medicine, law, science, and technology, but also for all other subject areas. In order for you to collaborate with your customers and business partners in compliance with standards, we are registered with the DIN CERTCO.

In accordance with the DIN EN 15038, our translations fulfill all requirements of the European standards of translation service providers, as introduced in 2006. These include human and technical resources, quality and project management, and work processes. You can find us at the DIN CERTCO under the registration number 7U457.

Our services ensure the best results

In compliance with the DIN EN 15038, your translations are proofread by a second native speaker. This individual checks the text for any errors and corrects them. Therefore, your document is accurately translated in terms of content and language. Especiallyurgent translations are also no problem for our professional translators.

A qualified, native-speaking translator is often not sufficient for a professional translation job. Additional services may be needed, especially when it comes to complex or extensive translations. For consistent translation of your documents, our expert terminologists generate terminology databases.

If nothing else, they promote the corporate identity of your company and simplify business processes.

Even adapting the translation to the correlating layout is one of the daily tasks of our project managers. Using the so-called DTP, we can ensure that no graphics or images are rearranged or moved by the translated text. Your translation is, therefore, ready to be used immediately.

Professional and fast – guaranteed

If you have any questions regarding our services or would like an individual consultation, we are available to you by phone or email.

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