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Brazil is, for many reasons, a dream destination for tourists, as well as for businesspeople. Endless dream-like beaches, the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and pristine natural features such as the tropical rainforest and the massive Amazon River all give Brazil a magical attracting force.

For entrepreneurs interested in business, this biggest and most populous country in South America has many opportunities with a sustainable economy. The government has set up an investment program in cooperation with foreign investors. Brazil is rising at a steady rate into the ranks of the world's leading industrial nations.

If you’d like to take advantage of the growth in Brazil, you will need a strong partner to make communication easier for you. We can translate all of your documents accurately from and into more than 150 languages, including Brazilian Portuguese.

Forming a company in Brazil

Having a local establishment gives you a more competitive edge. When your company and general managers have a physical presence in the country where transactions are conducted, you create confidence among your newfound customers. Plus, contracting service providers for all transport, storage, and logistics purposes makes production and sales more expensive.

Brazil’s businesses are termed: (1) Ltda. (equivalent to an LLC), (2) S.A. (corresponds to a PLC), and (3) EIRELI (corresponding to sole proprietorship). The Ltda. is the most popular among both Brazilians and foreign investors.

Large international companies establish a Ltda. in Brazil in order to minimize administrative efforts, costs, and delays. At least two partners must be involved when establishing an Ltda. Both require a Brazilian tax number. All foreign shareholders must be represented by a "gerente delegado" who is permanently based in Brazil. There is no minimum capital required, and foreign capital must be registered with the Central Bank.

Generally, the steps are:

  • Application for the tax number,
  • Registration at the Central Bank,
  • Appointment of an accountant and a general manager,
  • Checking the availability of the company, and
  • Registration with the Junta commercial

Translations make it easy to establish your business in Brazil

In order to streamline all of these activities, we’ll translate your texts quickly and professionally, making communication with your customers and business partners seamless.

We work exclusively with professional, native-speaking translators who live and work in the country of the target language. We have a network of translators within Brazil who are also experts in at least one industry/field. We can find the perfect translator for you, who is well-versed in your area of business.

In this way, each translation is ensured to be of high quality and is ready for your use immediately upon receipt.

We will gladly present you with an individual quote at no obligation. Simply send us your text by email or by using the request form. We will also, of course, answer any questions by phone.


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