Translations from English into Bosnian

The Bosnian language originates from the Indo-European language family and belongs to the language family of South Slavic languages. It’s one of the recognized official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and regionally in Kosovo. Since the Bosnian language has great similarities with the Serbian and Croatian, your Bosnian contacts can easily read documents in these languages as well.

In Bosnia and other countries with a high proportion of Bosnian-speaking people, it’s appreciated when you can send them important documents and texts translated into the Bosnian language. We connect you with native-speaking translators to ensure that your English texts are perfect in content and linguistic features.

Enable quick decisions for good communication

Translators are irreplaceable for making sure that business leaders understand key aspects of business affairs in today’s globalized business world. We offer translations not only for widely spoken "world languages" which might already be mastered by you and your business team, but we also offer special translations in less-spoken languages. The translation of English into Bosnian belongs to the group of less-spoken languages.

We also translate from Bosnian into English. One of the requests we receive frequently is for certified translations of official records/documents such as medical licenses, birth certificates, and the like.

Our project managers are part of your team

So that each translation is completed perfectly and on time from English into Bosnian, our project managers initially prepare and finalize all translations. For complex formats, such as for example FrameMaker, XML/HTML, InDesign and more, our Language Engineers are at your service. Our project manager team is on your side for all questions regarding translations, as well as special forms and more. We can fulfill special requirements as well. Translations in specialist areas are completed by professionally trained and educated experts in the field.

While we often do rush jobs, speed isn’t achieved at the expense of linguistic, textual, technical, or formal quality. Accuracy is a top priority for our translators and project managers.

Experience how quality translations can simplify communication and improve your project bottom line. Send us the text to be translated via email, including the desired delivery date, or use the quote form. We’ll respond with a no-obligation quote before you know it.


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