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Burmese is spoken mainly in Myanmar where it is an official language spoken by about 35 million people and has its own script. Myanmar borders Thailand, Laos, China, Bangladesh, and the Bay of Bengal. It has a large volume of foreign trade and is also a popular tourist destination.

Trade relations between American companies and enterprises in Myanmar are growing. American entrepreneurs in the tourism industry are also active there.

If you want to translate business documents from English into Burmese, we can help you. Burmese has many unique linguistic characteristics and a special type of grammar. Our translators are native speakers who have a command of the peculiarities of the language, its grammar, the verbal and written forms of communication, and its alphabetic script. Because all of our translators are also professionally qualified and have appropriate, relevant experience, you will receive high quality translations from us into Burmese or from Burmese into English (or the other language of your choice).

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Many of our translators have additional special professional qualifications and experience. We can support you in numerous specialist areas such as tourism, human resources, engineering, medicine, law, and more. Send us your English text and see for yourself.

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