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Israel is a young country that has received and continues to receive immigrants from around the world. According to the laws of the country, every Jew is entitled to citizenship, no matter where he or she may have been born. At the same time, 20% of Arab citizens also live in Israel. This cultural diversity makes the language particularly important.

The two official languages of Israel are Hebrew and Arabic. In practice, however, English is fast gaining a more important position than Arabic.

Revival of a "Dead" Language

Modern Hebrew has evolved from the language of the Old Testament, which became extinct 1,800 years ago. It survived in literature, liturgy, and science and was spoken among Jewish communities.

Like many other languages, however, Hebrew is subject to the increasing influence of English. State authorities make desperate efforts to counter this influence. For example, the University of Jerusalem publishes lists of alternative Hebrew expressions.

English as a "Fast-Track Official Language"

Despite all efforts, only half of adult Israelis speak Hebrew. Due to immigration from all over the world, English has a very important position in the country's everyday life. Bilingual signs are more often posted in Hebrew and English than in Hebrew and Arabic. Additionally, as a small country, Israel depends heavily on trade and economic cooperation with other countries.

The United Kingdom and the United States are among its most important trade partners. As a country at the forefront of science and technology internationally, Israel relies on the English language proficiency of its population. There is a high degree of international cooperation, especially among the younger and highly dynamic startup scene around Tel Aviv.

Therefore, there is a burgeoning market for qualified translators between English and Hebrew. Documents that depend on precise wording should always be translated by specialists in order to avoid potentially costly mistakes. We have a large network of translators who are exactly these kinds of specialists. They are academically trained in translation, as well as other areas, such as medicine, law, marketing, and technology.

They also translate from Hebrew into English. This is especially helpful for immigrants to the U.S. who must present a certified translation of their birth certificate to the USCIS.

If you need qualified translators of any kind of text, you can count on us, especially for the language combination English into Hebrew or vice versa.

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