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Food Industry Related Translation

If you sell packaged food and want to expand your operations into other countries, you must think about preparation and packaging regulations. Another important issue is translating your labels. Since an honest translation mistake can result in penalties, it is important to have your packages translated.

Foreign Labeling And Nutrition Information Requirements

In the past, it was optional to list ingredients on food packages. A few companies listed ingredients. However, most foods were simply labeled as healthy or unhealthy with color codes. After many complaints and a public outcry about increasing obesity rates, those rules changed drastically.

The European Union enacted strict regulations about listing nutrition information and ingredients on food packages. If your package is incorrectly translated, you could face a citation for this and may be unable to export your products in the future. The EU requires food manufacturers to list fat, salt and many other ingredients. Countries that are not part of the EU also have their own rules and regulations for labeling.

Why You Need Professional Label Translation Services

Your word choice must be precise and correct when it comes to food labels. One wrong word can be a costly mistake. If it does not result in a fine, it may still make your product lose credibility. For example, if your product contains cheese and you want to market it in the Hindi language in India, you may make the mistake of hiring an American who studied a semester of Hindi and translates it as "cheez." In Hindi, this non-specific word means an admirable thing. Your Indian Hindi-speaking market would likely lose interest in the product because of the comical translation mistake.

At, we can help you translate a small or large volume of food labels, informational pamphlets and lengthy manuals into many languages. Also, we have a memory feature for processed translations, which helps us reduce the amount of time required for your future translation needs. This also reduces your costs tremendously. Contact us to learn how establishing a long-term translation service partnership with us will save you money.


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