Accurate Translations from French into Chinese for Singapore

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Your company is frequently faced with making specialized texts and reports more widely available. This is why you cannot ignore the languages spoken in those countries where you operate. Alongside business partners or clients who speak English and French, you may also have clients in Singapore or Japan. We make it possible for you to exchange documents and emails quickly and easily.

Of our many specialties, one is translating texts from French into clear and understandable Chinese (and vice versa). In this way, not only can you avoid miscommunications, but you can also provide on-point, clear responses to questions.

The Language Quirks of French and Chinese

Texts in a foreign language are sure to contain idiosyncrasies. A basic knowledge of a language such as Chinese is usually not enough. This is especially true with technical terms or the multiple meanings of individual words. Add to that the difficulty of having to cope with the many different Chinese characters.

This is why our service is so important to businesspeople. We not only translate your texts promptly, but we also advise you on technical terms. Therefore, you can be sure that everyone is on the same page, whether the text is in French or Chinese.

In-House Expertise and Clear Presentation

In addition to their academic qualifications, our translators also have specialized knowledge in particular fields. This means that you can come to us for translations of texts in areas such as policy, science, technology, and medicine.

When your deadline is extremely tight, you can use our express translation option. We can translate even long texts in a minimum of time while maintaining the high quality that our clients expect from us.

Do you urgently need high quality translations from French into Chinese? Then we are exactly the right partner for you. With our translations, you can reach clients in Singapore or anywhere in the world.

We also translate from Chinese into French. Do you have a certified document that needs to be translated into French, English, or another language? We regularly produce certified translations of licenses and official certificates.

Put our skills to the test by sending us your text. We will respond with a no-obligation quote or offer you a consultation by phone upon request.


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