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In Iceland, the land of Vikings and elves, the Icelandic language has evolved over 1,100 years into its current form from the original Old Norse – but the evolution is not significant. The language is very similar to its origins.

While almost every Icelander understands and speaks English, the native language is Icelandic. There are hardly any Anglicisms in this European language. If you look for a “PC” in Iceland, you won’t find it, but every family in Iceland has at least one “tölva” on their desks.

Modern Iceland is known for green energy production, trade, and fisheries, as well as a popular holiday destination for upmarket tourism.

Icelandic novels in the crime genre are world-renowned, at least since author Arnaldur Indriðason. Nowhere in the world are more crime novels read and written per capita!

Communications in business, advertising, trading, at schools and universities, and especially private affairs are conducted in Icelandic. For this reason, you must have documents in German or other languages translated into Icelandic if you plan to communicate with the locals.

We translate your texts quickly and precisely from German into Icelandic. Contracts, balance sheets, and other business documents are translated by our native-speaking translators by the agreed delivery date. We also produce certified translations of official documents, such as driver’s licenses and birth certificates.

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Our translators ensure authentic spelling and wording, as well as proper tone and terminology. Each of our translators has subject matter expertise in at least one field. So, if you have technical documents that must be translated into Icelandic, we will find the perfect translator for you who knows the proper terminology in Icelandic. This is how we ensure that your original text seamlessly blends into the Icelandic language and communicates with clarity.

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