Here’s how different a marriage proposal can sound!

It isn’t rare for us to get unique translation requests. This happened to our project manager, Jon Ashbourne, when he received the following project.

Translating into Sweden’s 20 most common languages

A church approached him with a special mission: Prior to a special theme day on the subject of love, they needed the translation of the sentences “I love you. Will you marry me?” in 20 of Sweden’s most common languages. The client, however, didn’t supply a list of these languages, which made the job even trickier. So, Jon first had to identify the 20 languages most frequently spoken in Sweden and then, find translators for the project.

How 20 languages turned into 43

Many of the translators asked to take on the project found it to be so interesting that they also asked their colleagues to help out. When Jon closed the project and delivered the translations to the client, he had no less than 43 languages altogether!

“The project was a lot of fun and was very instructive. It showed us just how differently love can be expressed in the different parts of the world.”

Our client kindly granted us permission to publish the full list on our website: Marriage proposals in many languages.


Erwin Vroom
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