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Our Belgium offices in Antwerp are the perfect headquarters to take your American English and translate it flawlessly into the local dialects of Belgium's three official languages: French, Dutch and German. Depending upon whom you're communicating with and in which part of Belgium they live, we can advise you about which language is best to translate your message into for easier, faster communication. After all, our project managers know the country best due to their own personal experience! We have a long history of translating documents for industries such as the shipping sector, the general transport sector, Belgium's tourism and its hospitality field as well.

Belgium's languages require careful translations that only local knowledge can provide.

The Northern part of Belgium speaks mostly Dutch due to their close proximity to The Netherlands; however, they do have some dialects that even Dutch natives don't readily understand, such as Flemish. The part of the Belgium population that speaks French has added additional words to their vocabulary that you won't learn in your typical French class either, and it can resemble more of a Swiss-style of French. Plus, the German speakers have their own regional expressions. People in Belgium expect visitors and businessmen alike to have some understanding of the local language in the areas they visit as a common courtesy to the residents, so trust us when we say that the way you express yourself matters a great deal in this country! No automated translations will be able to deliver polite and professional communication to your Belgium contacts like we can since we're aware of the fine nuances in all three special varieties of Belgium's national languages.

For more information about the language, just click Dutch. Or, visit our Belgian website (in Dutch), or in French: To request a free quote, please call or email our local offices in the United States to speak with our project managers.


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