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Physical chemistry is on the border between the fields of chemistry and physics. In order to ensure that your documents in this field are translated free of errors, we hire exclusively native speaking translators with the necessary expertise in chemistry. Our large network of translators across the globe allows us to have professionals of this caliber at our disposal.

These individuals have been raised with the target language, and their education in chemistry allows them to follow the text’s content and translate it to the letter. Accuracy is as important to us as we know it is to you.

Translators in the varied fields of physical chemistry

Whether your documents have to do with electrochemistry, kinetics, chemical thermodynamics, spectroscopy, theoretical chemistry, or another discipline within the industry, our project managers can locate the right translator(s) for your project with the relevant knowledge.

Contact our project managers today, and they will oversee your project from beginning to end. Their Terminology Management also ensures that all terms are consistent throughout your documents.

We would be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote. Send us your documents by email today, or give us a call.


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