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A reference book is always closely linked to its author. It describes a particular method, a subject, or scientific facts. When such a work needs to be translated into another language, all the information must remain understandable and should never be translated out of context.

To ensure accuracy, a translation of a reference book requires a highly qualified translator with subject matter expertise, as well as a high level of linguistic education.

Skills required to translate a reference book

A one-to-one translation of the text does not provide adequate quality and understanding because, in many cases, the grammar of the target language differs considerably from the source language. The sense of the text must not be lost in a translation, so the translator must know how to make the book easily understand by native speakers of the target language.

The special challenges of translating reference books

Technical terms, which are often found in textbooks, are a particular challenge for the translator. Some terms may not even exist in another language. Therefore, adequate words must be found to convey the meaning without affecting the integrity of the text.

In reference books and textbooks, the language is matter of fact, so the translator must also integrate the expressive style of the writing into the translation. Without the utmost care, this can lead to misunderstandings in another language because corresponding linguistic constructions may not exist. Another important point is so-called language variety. In this case, different dialects may have other meanings in spoken and written form.

Languages that use foreign characters are another challenge. A translation into a language that uses the Latin alphabet is still relatively easy, but translation into a language based on Cyrillic or Arabic scripts requires special knowledge.

These are just some of the reasons why the expertise of your translator is so important.

The native speaker principle is crucial

Only a native speaker with education and specialization can complete an adequate translation. Therefore, we employ the native speaker principle. In a strict sense, a textbook or reference book is a scientific work. We recognize that the translator of scientific methodology must complete extensive research.

Some languages may be easily transferred to another because they are similar in construction. Others differ so much that it is extremely difficult to translate a textbook and remain true to its meaning. Only professional mother-tongue translators are able to overcome these hurdles with the translation.

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