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Professional translation of scientific papers

The translator of scientific papers should not only be familiar with the language of the article but also with the specific vocabulary of the scientific discipline and topic – in both languages. In order to avoid plagiarism, the translator must know how to properly cite comments by other authors. The translation should be seamless and easily understood by native speakers of the chosen language.

In order to ensure that your papers are translated exactly, we work exclusively with native translators who also have a specialization in your field. They translate your text not just in regard to orthography, but also in terms of content. We have 4,200 native translators all over the world, so we can easily find the best translator for your project. Choose from over 150 languages.

How we maintain the meaning of your text

We know that scientific papers cannot be translated word for word into another language. The first challenge has to do with different sentence structures, such as the position of the verb in a sentence. Also, words that describe specific phenomena or objects may not have the same meaning in other languages. Fixed phrases like collocations are used differently in all languages, and laws and standards vary from one country to the other.

Citations also need to be considered when translating scientific papers. Is the quote literally copied and translated only in the annotation or already in the flowing text? Quotations from third languages must also be properly included in the translation.

Our translators take all of these issues and others into account when creating a translation for you that maintains the integrity of your scientific findings.

Do you have a scientific paper that needs to be translated?

Contact our Project Managers by phone, or simply send your articles to us by email. Based on the word count, the specialist area, and the degree of difficulty, we select the best translator and send you a no-obligation quote.

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