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Our translation service in Antwerp, Belgium. The ideal location to handle your translation projects into Flemish or French.

Our translation agencies in Belgium manage an extensive team of translators who are specialized in a wide range of subject areas. We often receive projects relating to Antwerp the Sports City, for example. In addition we have many clients from the harbor shipping sector and from the general transport sector.

Other clients require translations on a regular basis that relate to tourism and the hospitality industry. In short, there is no subject area that we can’t handle.

More than just a database

Our translation service staff in Belgium is personally familiar with most of our translators. This sets us apart from the average translation agency where managers only know translators by the information found in a database.

They also work closely with their colleagues in our offices across the U.S. and Canada, especially at our offices in Paris, France. This method of knowledge-sharing ensures that you will never be confronted with unexpected surprises. In other words, you’ll never be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

How Our Company Can Help You to Connect With Business Partners in Antwerp

Situated in Belgium's northern section, Antwerp is the country's largest port and has a population of more than 502,000 residents. Businesses that sell diamonds will typically generate more revenue than other industries in the city. Antwerp contains approximately 3,500 brokerages that provide diamonds and 380 workshops that offer services for 1,500 businesses. In one of Antwerp's neighborhoods, companies exchange diamonds that have a cumulative value of more than USD 16 billion every year.

Most of Antwerp's residents speak Dutch, and a large number of inhabitants regularly converse in French, which is an official language in Belgium and is spoken by more than 65 percent of the population. Our office's experts are able to translate texts into both languages and to define rarely used terms that are related to any industries. Furthermore, some of our translators also specialize in Danish and German, and these languages are regularly spoken by more than 20,000 residents in Antwerp.

When you choose our company's services, you will be able to frequently converse with business partners in Antwerp, yet you will not have to call the companies directly or travel to the city. Instead, our translators can contact associates during regular business hours in Antwerp, and we may translate reports, emails, recorded conversations, press releases and extensive contracts. When you're ready to utilize our company's translation services, our business will provide a free estimate and set deadlines for your projects.

Put our services to the test

Would you like to try our services? Feel free to visit us on site, or call us. You can also send us an email, if you’d like to receive a no-obligation quote.

If you’re in the U.S. and need a translation for a Belgian audience, you can also contact your local office, which will connect with our native speakers in Belgium. It’s that easy!


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