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Vietnam joined the WTO in 2007, which opened a lot of opportunities to foreign companies.

The United States is one of Vietnam’s most interested buyers of available exports. Primary goods include black pepper, rice, and coffee. Alongside agricultural goods, the United States also imports technology products from this country.

Translating Vietnamese Documents into American English

We routinely handle the translation of government and school documents, manuscripts, technical data sheets and instruction manuals, legal briefs, medical files as well as research texts, and scientific textbooks. Our professionals are well aware of the importance to take a nuanced approach when preparing a translation. While it is common in American English to use an essential word that conveys multiple meanings, Vietnamese is a language rich in a nuanced vocabulary where a word’s meaning changes entirely based on the descriptive terms that accompany a standard verb.

Moreover, we are in tune with the use of formality in the language’s writing styles. Bringing across the degree of formality that is chosen by the Vietnamese writer into American English is crucial for an accurate translation. This practice is particularly vital in writings where there is a mix of formal and informal sections.

Of course, whenever possible, we will focus our translation of any text on the standards expected by audiences of the target language. For this reason, it is virtually impossible to employ verbatim translation techniques. Depending on the phrases, we occasionally add translators’ footnotes when there are particular expressions that must remain intact for the sake of authenticity even though they may not sound “natural” to English speakers. We do not have to employ this practice often.

Competitive Rates for Your Vietnamese Translation Needs

We charge $ 0.20 per word to translate your Vietnamese document into American English. This flat rate is highly competitive in the industry. We offer discounts for lengthy texts as well as for manuscripts that present multiple repetitions of the same phrases. Please contact our project managers for a no-obligation quote on your project.

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