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In a study of 6,500 menus, it was found that the words "exotic" and "spices" raise the price of a dish. But "linguistic fillers" like "mouth-watering", "sublime" and "crispy", tend to feature more often on cheap menus.

If you frequently serve food or drinks to people who speak a different language, consider having your menus translated. In addition to providing a convenient courtesy to your foreign-language patrons, there are several benefits for you as well.

Boost your sales customer base and sales

Customers who do not fully understand your language may not know that they can add toppings or extras to their selection for a reasonable price. They may not understand some names of dishes and may only be familiar with iconic foods. When your menu is in their language, they are more likely to order more items. Also, they are likely to tell their friends, which is free advertising for you. If your menu is poorly translated, it also sends a subliminal message that your food or drink selections are not top quality.

Avoid complaints from misunderstandings

It is common to read reviews of airlines that detail how people receive the wrong food or drink. Also, they may order foods or drinks without understanding what ingredients are used. If your customers understand what they are ordering and understand your price structure, you can help minimize these types of complaints.

Build your company's reputation

In today's competitive business world, the only way to preserve a strong reputation for quality is to produce it on every level. Everything from the way your employee address customers to the clarity of your menu plays a vital role in defining your success. For example, a first-class menu on an airline should be perfect to keep high-paying customers happy and encourage repeat business.

High-quality translated menus can really help grow your business and are a great investment for their unique value proposition. At, we have translated many menus for restaurants and airlines. We understand the importance of perfection when you present your menu to customers. The way it is worded sends a message about your food and your company. Never settle for a poor translation at a discounted price. We always provide top quality and fast service. Let help you turn your menus into income-generating assets.

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