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Besides standard agreements such as employment or rental contracts, agreements to maintain confidentiality also need to be translated. We are happy to take on the assignment to translate these non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for you in any language you require. Either send us your text by email or fill out the request form. You will promptly receive a non-binding quote from us.

Native-speaking translators for accurate legal translations

Do you have new clients overseas and a need for professional translation of your mandatory NDAs? We are the perfect partner for you. We work with native-speaking translators that have the requisite knowledge to produce a translation as flawless as you know it has to be. Just contact us and we will locate the best translators for your project.

Select from over 150 languages

Even though English broadly serves as the world’s business language, it is often insufficient for the translation of special agreements. Would you like to display your esteem for clients in China? We are happy to take charge of translating your documents into standard Chinese or Mandarin. For an overview of the most commonly requested languages, click here: Languages.

Confidentiality agreement

Of course we also observe confidentiality agreements. Prior to the start of our contract, if you wish, we will provide a signed confidentiality agreement. For more information, simply email us.


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