Professional Business Translations from German into Korean

The people of South Korea, a major economic power in global affairs, are mostly able to speak and understand English. This is not the case with German, however. If you have texts in German, they must be translated into Korean for your business partners in South Korea.

Google Translate and student translators generally deliver poor translation quality that could result in frustration and even misunderstandings that could cause business dealings to fall apart.

We use exclusively native-speaker translators with many years of experience. This ensures that you receive accurate translations with fast delivery.

Of course, our huge network of translators includes native speakers of nearly every language on Earth from the common to the obscure.

Native Speakers of Korean

As a service provider for translations, we know that precise, sophisticated texts can only be translated by native speakers who know about the particular topic. We, therefore, only employ translators with knowledge in various subject areas. These include, among others:

Knowledge in these areas is critical for your translation so that technical terms and industry-specific terminology are properly understood and accurately translated. Certified translations of official records can also be accomplished accurately and quickly. These include driver’s licenses, birth certificates, and tax records.

Time is Money

Our focus is not just on the quality of our translations but also the speed. Not only do we translate your contracts or balance sheets into Korean or from Korean into other languages, but we also translate extensive projects, such as technical software or service manuals for medical devices.

Sometimes, a translation may be needed urgently. In this situation, you would highly benefit from our speedy express service. We assign a team of translators to collaborate on your translation, if necessary, and we take advantage of the time difference with South Korea. In this way, we can literally translate your text overnight.

Test our skills yourself by sending us your document. It will be treated with strict confidentiality, and we’ll provide a no-obligation quote to you, usually within the hour. We look forward to hearing from you!


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