High quality translations of police reports

Do you need a quality translation of a police report?

The translation of certain documents demands special care. This is so with legal texts, including police reports, which can only be translated by translators with relevant legal training.

This is why we work exclusively with native-speaking legal experts when translating your police reports, and we guarantee the utmost care and sensitivity in the handling of your texts.

The best translators for your legal text

Our translators are university-educated in the field of professional translation. They have also acquired skills in particular specialties such as law, technology, or logistics.

Our legal translators are well versed in this area since they frequently work as lawyers in addition to their translation activities, and they only translate into their native language. This is how we guarantee the careful handling of your texts. It is also how we always find the perfect translator for your police report.

Qualified and fast

Our project managers have years of experience and can help you with any questions or requests you may have. They bridge the gap between client and translator and take care of the technical matters that occur before and after a text is translated.

We can also be of assistance in other areas.

If you want a first class translation of your documents, just email us or use the request form to send us your text to be translated. You will promptly receive a reasonable and no-obligation quote from us.


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