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One Word for One World

Do you also offer interpreter services?

Sometimes, a translation on paper isn’t enough. You need to look for someone who can translate a conversation on the spot. In this case, you are better off bringing in an interpreter. We can supply you with high quality interpreter services to meet any requirements you have.

We have our own interpreter services company: and have arranged for suitable interpreters for many clients over the past years. Our database contains interpreters for practically every language combination, and they all have their own specialty. These specialties range from court cases to weddings, and anything in between! We will look for the most suitable and experienced interpreter for each occasion.

How much does an interpreter cost?

We charge an hourly rate for our interpreter services. This hourly rate depends on the language combination, the duration of the assignment, the subject of the session, and the distance the interpreter has to travel to the assignment. An interpreter assignment can last an hour, or it can last a month. If you need an interpreter booth or other equipment, we will make those arrangements for you also.

Our project managers are happy to provide you with a no-obligation price quote. Please send us an e-mail to email or call us at: (646) 934 8977 011 31 36 534 8910. Feel free to contact us if you’d simply like more information, or if you’d like a copy of our general terms and conditions.

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