Launch Of Webshop For Certified Translations announces the launch of its new webshop for easier ordering of certified translations

Los Angeles, May 1, 2016 -- In addition to expanding its services into other countries, recently announced the launch of its new webshop. Since the company first started in 2000, customers previously had to request price quotes for their translation needs. "We realize that the request process takes time," said a company representative. "We want to give our customers the convenience of faster service and translations on demand. To do this, we added over 4,000 types of recognized documents to our database with pre-set prices."

The representative went on to explain how the new webshop works. "A customer starts by taking a photo of the document to be translated," said the representative. "They upload the photo directly to our site, select the correct type of document from the drop-down menu and choose their translation service." The company offers translations in any language. Prices depend on the number of pages and type of document.

Also, the representative pointed out that choosing between a certified translation copy and a certified translation copy that is notarized affects the price. Some documents must be notarized, and the representative encourages prospective customers to verify what type of translation they need before ordering. Documents are translated quickly and sent to the address provided by the customer.

"People use our translation services for everything from translating birth records for immigration or other personal documents for an international marriage," the representative stated. "We have worked hard with a team of dedicated and skilled professionals to build a reputable translation service that consistently delivers impeccable quality."

The new webshop feature for utilizes Adobe Flash to make the process quick and easy for anyone to use. Document photos can be taken with a digital camera or smartphone, which eliminates the need for scanning. "We serve a wide array of busy professionals across the globe who have very valuable and limited time," the representative continued. "We want them to be able to quickly send us their submission whenever it is convenient for them without having to wait to know how much they will pay." accepts submissions 24/7 and provides a helpful visual tutorial of the short submission process. The company invites prospective customers to try the new webshop for speedy translation services. To learn more, download this quick start guide.


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