Translations from English into Basque

If you’re developing business or personal relations with contacts in Basque country, you know it’s rare to find people who speak English. In the countries that span the territory of the Basque country, French and Spanish are more commonly spoken.

Why not meet your business partners’ traditional customs and culture with business documents and correspondence in their mother tongue? We see ourselves as an intermediary between international contacts, driving global cooperation through flawless translations.

We offer translations for less-spoken languages such as Basque and help you bring a more comfortable atmosphere to your ongoing business communications.

High-quality translations bring confidence to international business

High-quality translations instill confidence in your partners, customers, and other contacts throughout the Basque country. Especially in the case of long and difficult publications, treatises, and very special texts, translations make business easier for everyone. With a perfect translation from English into Basque or other languages in the Basque country, you can make sure that your business propositions are clearly understood, helping you bring business plans to the next step quickly.

So that each translation complies with your targeted requirements, as well as our own strict requirements, they undergo comprehensive internal quality control by our project managers.

Native speakers and specialist knowledge areas

We provide a very high level of quality in all texts, documents, and articles. Our native speakers have special professional qualifications in various fields, and they provide excellent language accuracy in all of our translations. Medicine, dentistry, economics, science, and other departments are among the specialist areas we offer to businesses and corporations.

Thanks to our experienced project managers, we can always ensure consistent quality of translations. Need help to bring your business communication to the next level of global business affairs? Our in-house terminologists attend to the necessary terminology management.

We also provide translations from Basque into English, including certified translations, such as business and medical licenses, official certificates (birth, death, marriage), etc.

Send us your application via the request form or by email, and you will receive a free quotation within a short time at no obligation.


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