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Professional translation of academic documents

As international collaboration between universities, institutes, and research facilities continues to grow, many academic works must be available in one or multiple languages.

We specialize in the translation of academic texts and take on the translations of bachelor’s, master’s, and diploma theses, as well as textbooks, articles, summaries, abstracts, papers, scientific studies, lectures, presentations, and more.

We have translators who are experts in almost every subject area, including economics, law, politics, social sciences, engineering, linguistics, education, psychology, etc. Simply send us your request by email. We will be happy to provide you with a free quote without obligation.

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Challenges of translating academic works

Just as academic works call for high standards, so do their translations. Because translations of this kind are often done for use in technical lectures and publications, not even the smallest mistake can be made – neither linguistic nor contextual in nature.

The solution to avoiding linguistic mistakes is to have native-speaking translators. Technical errors, such as incorrect use or omission of subject specific vocabulary, can be avoided if the translator has a university education in the corresponding subject area. This is what we offer our clients – translators with both language and scientific expertise.

You may also include a Glossary of important terms and their meanings that will be used during your translation as a reference.

Do you have an academic work that needs to be translated?

Our project managers are available to assist you. You can reach us by phone or email. Let us help you ensure that your academic documents are translated accurately!

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References and Clients

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