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Master's theses professionally translated

As more of today’s students want to work abroad after graduation, prospective employers are increasingly interested in the content of the master thesis. The problem is that the employer might speak a different language than the original language of the thesis. To make this information available, it is often necessary to translate the master’s thesis. Many students attempt to translate the master’s thesis independently, but this does not lead to the best result.

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The challenges of translating a master's thesis

In order to properly translate a master's thesis into another language, the translator must have more than a very high level of language proficiency in both the original and target languages. He or she must also have knowledge of the technical terms used in the thesis. If you want a truly professional result, students and potential employers must consult with a translation agency.

Our translation service completes professional translations of master's theses and scientific works exclusively with native-speaking professionals who also have expertise in your subject area. We translate to and from 25 languages, including master’s theses in all disciplines. We pay particular attention that the translator chosen for your project has the necessary knowledge in the academic discipline in which your master thesis is written. This is how we guarantee the high quality of our translations.

International differences in master’s theses

Master’s theses are commonplace and required in many countries to achieve the master’s academic title. Usually, the work is supervised and supported by a professor. In some countries, the student is obliged to first perform a search on the topic and write a multi-page paper to persuade professors as to the worthiness of the topic. From one country to another, there are differences in length and in the structural design of the thesis, but in all countries, the master’s thesis is a piece of scientific, intellectual work.

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