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Professional translation of your Bachelor thesis

Do you need your Bachelor's thesis translated? We select your translator from over 50 native speakers – someone who is also an expert in your subject matter area. A translator must not only bring excellent language skills to your project, but must also have expertise in the translation of theses.

A well-done translation is imperative if your thesis is to have the proper impact. A poor translation not only distorts the semantic content and quality of your work, but also diminishes its scientific importance.

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Challenges when Translating the Bachelor thesis

Scientific work requires a particularly high level of professionalism in translation. It is not enough to simply engage native speakers to translate, but translators must be able to properly incorporate linguistic differences. The translator must take care in the use of terminology, for example. These specialist terms provide the greatest challenge. This is why all of our translators have relevant knowledge in at least one specialist area.

The Bachelor thesis in an international context

The Bachelor thesis is internationally recognized as the concluding work of bachelor’s studies. Modern courses of study are designed according to international standards; there are only a few differences that relate to the thesis itself. In Europe, a thesis is called a bachelor thesis, while it is known in many countries as a dissertation, paper, essay, project, or senior thesis.

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