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Polish is the official language of Poland. The country actively trades with European partners who import its transportation equipment, heavy machinery, and chemical products. Another major pillar of its economy is tourism. Additionally, it is interesting to note that Poland broadcasts some of its television programming internationally. Combining these three economic sectors proves that the Polish language is not limited to its own country but indeed spoken worldwide.

Polish Document Translations

Our professionals translate legal, medical, scientific and technical documents. We also handle the translation of book or television scripts, instruction manuals, assembly instructions, warranty agreements and government records. Because the Polish language, depending on the area where it is spoken, borrows quite a few words from Romanian, Hungarian, and Yiddish, our experts are familiar with terms from those languages.

Typologically speaking, Polish employs a relatively free word order, which only occasionally follows the subject-verb-object arrangement. As a result, we try to translate verbatim where it is feasible to do so; for other sentences, we will choose a grouping that gets across the meaning of the phrase in a manner that sounds natural to English speakers. In the same way, our translators will strive to take a gender-neutral tone as much as possible. Since the language presents with three genders for nouns, but American English seeks to be gender inclusive in its writing, we try to follow American tastes unless it is germane to the text.

Competitive Rates

We charge a standard rate of $ 0.16 for the translation of any text from Polish into American English. For lengthier manuscripts, and for documents that feature numerous internal repetitions, we do offer discounts. Contact us today to discuss your project and request a quote.


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