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Bulgarian is one of the oldest Slavic languages. Today, about ten million people speak Bulgarian as their native tongue. Nearly eight million live in Bulgaria, while the remaining two million predominantly live in countries such as Greece, Macedonia, and Romania.

Bulgarian dialects

Linguists have researched the dialects of Bulgarian for over 100 years. Most agree that neither of the two former dialects are still in existence. The border that once separated these dialects is called the Yat border, and it splits the country into Eastern and Western Bulgaria. Therefore, these two dialects were also named East and West Bulgarian.

A number of linguists believe this division is not exact and that a third dialect, Rup, existed at one time. Along with traces of Old Bulgarian, this dialect contained influences from neighboring Turkish and Greek dialects. These three main dialects can be further divided into even more dialects. So-called transitional dialects, which existed on the country’s borders, always contained characteristics of both languages. Examples of this are at the borders of Serbia and Macedonia.

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