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How do we differ from other translation services?

  • Speed! – With over 8,000 translators worldwide, we use time zone management to have your translation ready faster than the competition!
  • Quality! – With translators who are native in the target language, your document will read like an original.
  • Expertise! – We know the regional differences! Chinese for the market in China, Taiwan or anywhere in the United States is not the same as for Hong Kong.
  • Fair pricing! – Our pricing reflects excellent quality of work. We're not the agency with the lowest price, but with over 3,100 returning customers in 14 countries, we must be doing something good!

Certified translations of important documents are in good hands with us! Did you know: we do not need originals -- a good scan or smartphone photo is sufficient!

Certified Translations of Your Documents

Fasttranslator has translated over 4,000 different official documents including diplomas, tax certificates and driver’s licenses into Chinese or from Chinese into English. By visiting our Certified Translation Ordering System, you can look up your document, upload a picture of your original, and see the price of a certified translation immediately. After payment, we'll start working on your certified or notarized translation correct away.

Send your document now for a free quote at no obligation. Your document will be deleted if you decide not to accept our quote. Compose a new email to contact us now.


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