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China figures among the fastest growing markets in the world and, for that reason, it’s also increasingly profitable for American companies.

The largest obstacle to doing business in China is the Chinese language, which is complex and difficult for Westerners to learn. Although many Chinese have been developing very good English skills, communication in the Chinese language is essential to business success in China. If you need translations into and from Chinese, why not consult one of our experienced project managers?

The Attraction of the Chinese-Speaking Markets

Above all, the huge Chinese market and low costs of production and labor are what make China attractive. Chinese authorities are also providing an increasing level of support for entrepreneurs who are willing to invest.

Efforts are being made to open the market and to reform the laws and regulations. Reforms in the administrative system are also under way. Improved protections for intellectual property rights and copyrights of foreign companies are being implemented. For many firms, China now represents a large share of global market sales.

Chinese Courtesy

When doing business in China, it’s essential to observe the rules of courtesy rooted in the Confucian tradition. They stipulate a clear hierarchy that specifically applies to business transactions. When dealing with Chinese business professionals, it’s important never to state too directly what you want, thus always preserving your partner’s ability to “save face.” Requests in China always take the form of subtle hints. This is why it’s so important in China to detect the nuances of business conversations in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Another important rule of Chinese courtesy is to display modesty and not brag about your abilities. When shaking hands, entrepreneurs should not be surprised if their Chinese partners offer a weak response. This traditional greeting form is not at all common in China and was only adopted by Chinese business professionals for their dealings with Westerners. Only a very loose handshake is considered proper. In addition, gifts are important to the maintenance of all business relations in China.

For the success of your business venture, place your trust only in those who are well-versed in the rules for doing business in China. We are happy to support you in this process and provide advice by phone or email.

To help you understand these linguistic subtleties, we exclusively provide experienced native-speaking translators who know the peculiarities of the Chinese language and deliver accurate translations. Tell us about your language needs, and you’ll promptly receive our no-obligation quote!


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