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In the beginning of the 1990’s, Georgia declared its independence from the collapsing Soviet Union. Since then, Georgians have not always succeeded in staying out of the conflicts in the Caucasus region. The young country is still trying to free itself from the influence of its powerful neighbor, Russia.

Part of this strategy is the development of relations with the Islamic countries of the region and an effort to build on its role as a mediator between the East and West.

Cultivation of fruit, vegetables, and tobacco are among the most important sectors of the economy of this subtropical country. Tourism by the Black Sea beaches also brings revenue. Currently, extensive efforts are being made to revitalize the industrial and mining sectors. They suffered a considerable decline after the collapse of the Soviet Union. These sectors also rely on international investment. Additionally, the country has the potential to become a transit point of several international pipeline projects.

The opening of the country to the West created a demand for translators to translate texts from English to Georgian. If your company needs high quality translations into Georgian (or vice versa), we can provide you with the best translators available. Our experienced project managers will find the best Georgian translator for your job – a native speaker who is fluent in English (or your originated language) and also well-versed in your field.

Georgian: The Language of a Thousand-Year-Old Culture

The Georgian language has held the status of an official language only in Georgia. About five million people speak Georgian, and its alphabet has 33 letters.

Georgian is believed to have existed as a language before the Christian era. Since the beginning, it has undergone several stages of development and has changed considerably. At first sight, it strikes outsiders as having an unusual accumulation of consonants. In particular, “X” appears significantly more often than in German. The difficult pronunciation is one of the main reasons why Western Europeans find Georgian so difficult to learn.

Like the neighboring Turkish, Georgian also has complex rules for transforming words by adding syllables before and after the word. Thus, a single Georgian word may correspond to a complete phrase in another language.

Due to these differences in the linguistic structure, translations from English into Georgian are more difficult than, say, translations from English into German or Spanish. Nevertheless, our translators understand Georgian linguistic idiosyncrasies well. They have grown up speaking and writing in the language. This is how we provide high quality every time.

You might also need a certified translation from Georgian into English of a birth certificate or driver’s license, for example. We handle these types of jobs as well.

Translator’s Role in Ensuring Smooth International Cooperation

As a result of the liberalization of Georgia's economy, which included simplification of the tax code, the country became much more attractive to foreign investors. They invested in mining and telecommunications, among other sectors. Another sub-sector on the rise is hydroelectric power generation, for which the mountainous country offers perfect conditions.

International economic cooperation is only possible if language professionals translate perfectly between English and Georgian. With the exception of a small elite group, hardly anyone speaks fluent English. People in the country speak either Georgian or Russian.

Whether you need a translation of an official document, a business contract, or something else, our translators will complete the translation quickly and reliably from one language to another. See for yourself – pick up the phone and call us!


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