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We have extensive experience translating to and from the Chinese language. Our Chinese translators also specialize in a variety of fields. In addition to general translations, we handle financial, legal, medical, and technical translations to and from Chinese. Regardless of the language of your documents – English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, or any other language – we can translate them into or from Chinese for you.

Chinese is not only one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, but it is now also the fastest growing. Because of Asia‘s economic importance in the West, there is a steady demand for Chinese translations. Many Chinese languages exist. Although standard Chinese (Mandarin) is generally understood as "Chinese," we have translators who work in the other Chinese languages as well.

Our Roster of Chinese Translators

Our translators have many years of translation experience. For translations into Chinese, we take advantage of our extensive network of translators in China, the United States, Taiwan, and Singapore. This allows us to provide culturally appropriate, idiomatic translations that are fine-tuned for your target customers or business partners.

Each of our Chinese translators is specialized in a particular field. For translations of advertising copy, a brochure, newsletter, or website, we assign translators with the necessary marketing writing skills. At your request, we can also assign a qualified copywriter to work on your advertising text. For official documents such as commercial agreements, we exclusively utilize specialized legal translators and even certified translators, when necessary.

We also translate from Chinese into German. We frequently provide certified translations of official documents, such as licenses and certificates (birth, death, marriage, etc.)

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