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Is that bell pepper, peperoni, or pepperoni? - Details are very important!

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Translating menus is one of the most difficult tasks for a translator. In addition to linguistic proficiency, a translator must also have knowledge of country-specific subtleties. Have you ever ordered what you thought was a pepperoni pizza in Switzerland only to wind up with a topping of “peperonis” or sweet peppers?

Maybe you even tried to order one in England and ended up with spicy salami on your pizza. Subtle menu details like this can make a big difference. We will translate your menu so that your guests are sure to receive exactly what they wanted.

Correctly translating your menus into 150+ languages

Are you hosting a large event, banquet, or gala dinner with international guests? We can translate your menu cards into different languages so that all of your guests will find it easy to make their course selections.

In our list of offered languages, you will see that in addition to the more frequently requested languages, we also offer other options like Urdu and Hindi.

Our translators - it’s a matter of quality

For your menu, we will only assign native speaking translators who, in addition to academic training in translation, are experts in the culinary arts. Native speakers are naturally more familiar with the linguistic subtleties of their language than non-native speakers. This is the only way to ensure that your menu translation is done perfectly.

Our project managers

At Fasttranslator, our experienced project managers take care of your translation every step of the way from preparation to post-processing. They are always available to answer your questions and serve as the middle men between you and your translator. They are also in charge of selecting the right translator for your project from the various subject areas we have available.

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