Scientific Psychiatry Translations

Complex Projects

Some translation projects are challenging even for experienced translators. These are mainly large-scale projects with subject-specific content and short delivery time. We often receive such orders in scientific fields. In the field of scientific psychiatry, the documents for translation are mostly reports, curricula, statistical information, research papers, and diagnoses.

A high quality, professional translation of such documents can only be provided by highly trained, native translators who specialize in the relevant discipline. These translators can grasp the content and use the appropriate terminology in the target language.

To ensure that your project is translated accurately and meets your standards, we work exclusively with qualified translators with psychiatric education.

Urgent Scientific Translations

As a professional translation agency, we also take requests for very urgent translations in scientific fields. These are mainly scientific papers or academic curricula. When such a request comes in, our project managers form a team of qualified translators to work together on the project.

The team includes editors who correct both semantic and grammatical errors. These projects require close cooperation with the client who can assist the translators and editors with clarifications, reference materials, information about the purpose of the document and the target audience, and any special requirements for the target text that the client may have.

The translation teams and the language engineers prepare, where appropriate, a translation memory to ensure consistency in the use of terminology. Thus, the terminology of your documents will be translated consistently in all of your subsequent orders.

Regardless of the type of psychiatric document you need translated, we are the right partner for you. Give us a chance to show you what we can do. Email us your text for translation, or call us for a customized, no-obligation quote. Our project managers are here to help you!


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