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If you are situated in Sweden, please feel free to visit our offices there to discuss your project in person.

Sweden’s economy is heavily reliant on export. Its main products include arms, pharmaceuticals, and industrial machinery. You undoubtedly recognize names such as Volvo, Electrolux, and Ericsson, which are Swedish companies with multiple satellite offices in the United States. In fact, the United States is one of the country’s major trading partners.

Its official language is Swedish, but you also hear Romani and Yiddish as well as a mix entitled Finland Swedish. It is interesting to note that compulsory English classes in the school system have yielded generations of Swedes who speak and write English reasonably well. Because of the changing nuances in American English, and the practice of teaching British English in the schools, the majority of professionals who need translation services prefer to outsource their projects.

Your Swedish Translation Project

Since the Swedish language and American English have a variety of word order similarities as well as preferences for a gender-neutral noun composition, verbatim translation is frequently possible. Our experts are adept at translating texts that originated prior to the Du-reformen (Wikipedia link) and still contain honorific addresses and manners of phrase construction. Alongside with this language reform came the understanding that standard Swedish is the official language. That said, there are quite a few regional dialects that have become synonymous with certain professions or settings. We handle texts highlighting these alternative word choices and phrases, too.

Competitive Translation Rates

We charge a standard fee of $ 0.18 per word for all translation projects from Swedish into American English. Our project managers provide you with a quote that explains the total cost for the work and breaks it down as needed. We offer discounts for a lengthy project as well as manuscripts with a higher than average phrase repetition. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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