Affidavit of Translation on company letterhead

The translation includes an Affidavit of Translation and is printed on company letterhead paper

Translations of Documents for Submission to the U.S. Immigration Authorities

Applying for work or a permanent resident visa involves official translations of documents required by USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). By ordering these translations at one of Fasttranslator’s U.S. offices, you benefit from the following:

  • The translations are certified and notarized by a recognized U.S. translation agency and notary. This may increase your chances of getting your visa petition accepted;
  • All translations made by Fasttranslator include a statement of accuracy in compliance with the USCIS requirements. Each translation includes a USCIS approved Affidavit of Accuracy;
  • For a small surcharge, we will send you PDF versions of the certified and notarized translations by email;
  • Our translation agency has more than 14 years of experience translating immigration-related documents;
  • Our translation offices are located in the United States. As a result, we do not charge BTW or sales tax to customers in The Netherlands or Belgium.
  • We will send the translation(s) in U.S. Letter-format to any address in The Netherlands or Belgium. European translation agencies often submit translations to USCIS printed on A4 format paper sheets. Because the size of these paper sheets is different from the size of the U.S. letter paper format, part of the page content may be cut off during printing or fax transmission.

Our Relationship with a U.S. Immigration Law Firm

We have a good working relationship with Tasoff & Tasoff, a full service Los Angeles immigration law firm. The firm provides advice and representation for multinational and domestic corporations, universities, research institutions, and individuals for all United States visa and immigration matters. Tasoff & Tasoff is especially adept at handling work visas for professionals, executives, managers, investors, academics, and scientific researchers. They have a national practice with clients located throughout the United States.


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