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Time is a crucial factor when translating press releases. The information often has to be made available to readers within a couple of hours, whether the press release serves to alert travelers about an illness that is spreading quickly or announces the launch of a new product. These translations (usually into English, Spanish, or French) often have to be completed and delivered on a rush basis.

We do whatever it takes to deliver our usual, top quality work prior to the agreed deadline for these urgent translation projects. Our huge database of translators (more than 4,000 qualified native speakers) allows us to meet the quick turnaround times that are required for press releases and other rush jobs. Whether you need an English press release translated into Spanish, French, German, or another language – or vice versa – we have the right translator for your press release.

Project Example: Translation of press releases for the 7th Transalpine Tour, the most spectacular stage race for amateur and professional cyclists in Europe

During the Jeantex Transalpine Tour, about 1,100 participants in teams of two from 25 countries cross the eighteen Alps mountain passes in stages of seven days, ascending a total of 18,000 meters altogether.

The pack covers 822 km in three countries during this time period, starting in Sonthofen in Germany and crossing the finish line in the old city center of Arco, Italy, near Lake Garda.

As an introduction to the tour, we translated an all-inclusive press release file into English. It was 22 pages long and contained detailed information about the event (general pictures showing the tour’s progress, descriptions of the different stages, participant statistics, interviews, and sponsor presentations, etc.)

The press releases published during the event were entrusted to Fasttranslator for translation. In order to stay on top of the tour at all times, some translations had to be completed and turned in within just a couple of hours during the weekend. The translation project was coordinated by two of our experienced project managers and was brought to a successful conclusion.

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