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Whether you need web content, ad copy or legal documents translated from Norwegian into American English, we can help. Our experts specialize in both written forms of Norwegian: Bokmål, which is Norway’s official language, and Nynorsk, which is far rarer. Of course, if you need help with the unofficial written dialects of Riksmål and Høgnorsk, we can accommodate you there as well.

Translating Norwegian Nuances into English

Norwegian is famous as the language that uses tense to highlight subtlety. The distinction between a present indicative tense and perfect tense statement determines the exact meaning of a phrase. For online marketers who seek to address their targeted demographic to evoke a certain range of emotions, this subtle distinction makes the difference between succeeding in capturing a Norwegian ad’s essence and missing it. Conversely, since these tenses, in American English, are occasionally used interchangeably in spoken communication, it is vital not to lose the differentiation in the written word.

Accuracy Matters

There is no room for errors when translating official documents. High school transcripts, family records, legal briefs, and contracts frequently contain phrases that do not translate verbatim into English. As a result, the skilled translator captures the meaning of the terms with a phrase that best suits an audience in this country. Concurrently, this form of translation must not interfere with the meaning behind the foreign phrases, which would alter the intention of a document. Our skilled professionals know when to render text translation verbatim and when it is permissible to interpret phraseology with a choice of words that makes sense for local audiences.

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We charge the standard professional rate of $ 0.18 per word for your Norwegian into English translation project. Contact us today to discuss your project and to ask about our discounts for larger texts and for the translation of documents that feature higher than average internal repetition.


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