Translation Services for Personnel Manuals

The personnel manual is an introduction to the structure, culture, rules and regulations of your company. A manual that is well-written can help you cultivate a happy, confident and productive workforce. If, however, you have multilingual employees, those who do not speak English might feel they are not an acceptable part of the work environment.

It is important to keep non-English speaking employees up-to-date with an accurately translated manual. Also, new employees are welcomed and trained effectively. By using professional translation services for your personnel manual, you can ensure everyone has an inclusive part in the company.

How We Can Help

We provide translation assistance to companies on every aspect of the personnel manual, also referred to as an employee handbook. Topics we can translate include:

  • Onboarding Procedures
  • Expectations in the Workplace
  • Employment Law Compliance (Equal Employment Opportunity Statement, Americans with Disabilities Act & Amendment Act)
  • Employee Classification Categories
  • Internal Transfers and Promotions
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Separation of Employment
  • Workplace Safety
  • Drug-Free Workplace
  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Compensation (Wages, time reporting, overtime pay)
  • Time-Off and Leaves of Absence (including vacation, sick, holiday, Family and Medical Leave Act, jury duty, military leave)
  • Benefits (including medical and dental insurance, life insurance, short-term and long-term disability, 401(k), workers’ compensation, tuition assistance)

This list is not exhaustive of what you may wish to include in your personnel manual. However, it is a good representation of important information that all employees will need while working for your company. We will make sure every policy and employment law is accurately translated for everyone to understand.

Keep All Employees on the Same Page

Not only does the personnel manual serve as an introduction to your company, but it also explains everything new hires and current employees need as they continue their career. Whether you have multiple branches throughout the country and around the world, or you have a single location with a linguistically diverse staff, your manual communicates to all employees so that everyone is on the same page from day one.

You want all employees to receive consistent and accurate communication. This is very important so that all employees receive the same information, which helps them remain focused and productive. Employees are better equipped when they know what is expected of them and what they can expect from their employer. All employees work efficiently when they know they are on the same team despite any language barriers. When it is time to translate your personnel manual, you want to feel confident that everyone receives the same information.

For this reason, you want to rely on OUR professional translation service for your manual. Not only are we able to oversee the production of every language, but our agency can also localize services and adapt manuals regionally.

Translation Services: English to Spanish and Other Languages

Translating personnel manuals into Spanish and other foreign languages spoken by employees is one of the most valuable communication tools within your company. It ensures that employees who speak foreign languages understand the expectations, rules and proper procedures for following a company policy such as FMLA leave or an anti-harassment claim.

U.S. companies that have multilingual workforces and multinationals in particular must have accurately translated manuals for employees. This includes having codes of conduct and other key workplace communications translated for every employee’s understanding. Failing to translate these sources of information may cause your company to violate language laws abroad, leaving you vulnerable to expensive lawsuits.

Once you consider the potential costs and risks for not translating manuals and other pertinent materials for effective employee communications, the benefits of hiring our translation services become crystal clear. Whether your current need is for a single or multi-language translation, we are here to assist you before a lawsuit arises.

Translation is the Legal Thing to Do

Because laws may vary on translating company communications in the workplace, you want to know you have the best professional service that is aware of those laws. Requirements may differ based on the law such as federal laws requiring workplace notices. Each one such as the National Labor Relations Act for federal contractors and subcontractor, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Immigration and Nationality Act and the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act, require employers to post these notices in the native language spoken by every employee.

Workplace safety rules and regulations are also very important to be current and accurate. Many personnel manuals include this information and should be in the languages spoken by your employees. Using our professional translation services will help your company properly convey information that is vital and will hopefully result in fewer workplace accidents.

Learn More about Our Translation Services

Translation of personnel manuals is key to promoting effective communication of company policies and procedures with employees. Whether locally or globally, companies actively hire people from different countries to perform duties within the same work space. Therefore, it is critical to remove barriers by providing materials that are clear and discernible in the language of the intended audience. At our translation agency, we guarantee that the quality and accuracy of our services will exceed your standards.

Our guarantee gives you peace of mind and is the cornerstone of our professional commitment to deliver services on time and within reasonable costs. Our work is incomplete until our clients are completely satisfied.

You can learn more information about our personnel manual translation by visiting our website. If you have enough information and are ready for expert assistance, please contact our office today.

Working with translation memories

Because we have translated large numbers of employee handbooks, we can use our database of pre-translated texts wisely and provide you with a better discount than other translation services providers.

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