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ISO 17100 translations

A translation and revision conforming to the ISO 17100 standard assures you that the quality of the translation activities is guaranteed. This standard outlines the requirements that the translation process must satisfy. One of the requirements is that our translators and revisers complete a recognised translation or language training and have a minimum number of years of translation experience. Another requirement is that the translation is performed by a native translator and reviser. This means that the requested language is the translator's and the reviser's mother tongue.

An expert native translator first translates the source text. The translator receives the source text and clear instructions and then translates the text into the target language. The translation is then revised by a native reviser. The reviser compares the translation to the source text. In case of differences in nuance, the reviser will solve this. The reviser also checks if the translation is suitable for the agreed purpose. As a final step, our project managers check if all standard requirements are satisfied. This way, you are assured of a translation of the highest level.

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The process

The main objective of the ISO 17100 standard is to guarantee the quality of translations. Hence, the translation process consists of two stages: first, the translation is done by an expert translator, followed by a complete revision by a second translator who is also a native speaker of the target language. The result is an error-free translation that reads like an original.

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Final check