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Translation of employment contracts and certificates of employment

Does your company operate abroad or do you have ambitions to do so? Then you need qualified employees. Very often, employment contracts need to be translated into the new employee's native language. When the employment relationship ends, many people ask for a certificate written in English. Fasttranslator can support you in this endeavour.

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HR expertise

Fasttranslator helps your organisation with all your human resources documentation. We translate labour contracts and employment certificates into many languages on a daily basis. Our native-speaking translators are well versed in the HR practices of the country in question. In addition, they have years of professional experience as a translator with a relevant degree in HR.

Fasttranslator can bring your training documents, performance reviews and E-learning materials to many more people. Our specialists tailor your materials to local dialects and even provide local examples

Katrin Bjørstorp
MarCom / Executive Assistant
Eltel Networks A/S
I must say you live up to your name. Fast assistance and good service. And despite the short deadline, the material was returned BEFORE time!

References and Clients

Below is an overview of some organisations for which we regularly provide translations.