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Certified translations

Fasttranslator can help you with your certified translation into most languages. A certified translation is a legally valid translation. The translator has received authorisation from the English authorities to sign the translation with the phrase: "Translation certified". Only then is the translation legally valid and accepted by the court and the authorities.

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Requirements for certification abroad

Every country has different requirements for the certification of documents. You should therefore always check carefully what level or wording is required for your particular documents. Not sure if your translation needs to be certified? Hold off on the translation and check what is required first. You often cannot get a translation certified afterwards.

How do I know if a certified translation is required?

In almost all countries, the authorities require legal and administrative texts to be translated by a certified translator. This could be the national state, a municipality, a notary, an insurance company and the like. To find out if you need a certified translation, it's best to ask the body or company that needs your translation what they actually require. We would really recommend that you do this. You can also get general information about certified translations from us!

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What types of texts actually require a certified translation?

Below you can see what kind of texts we most frequently translate:

- Notary testimonials

- Judgements

- Medical certificates

- Diplomas

- Identification documents (e.g. driving licence)

- Marriage certificates

- Adoption papers

- Articles of association

- Divorce licences

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