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Translation in special formats

Do you need your translation done in InDesign, or other unusual formats? Then you've come to the right place. Since 2001, Fasttranslator has built up extensive experience of translations in most formats, from Word, Excel, FrameMaker and Illustrator to InDesign. We have our own technical department that helps with layout work.

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Expert in InDesign

If you want your translation work done in InDesign, send us the original InDesign files. We need these in order to translate in the correct format. The translation is carried out by an expert translator. It is also possible to send us an IDML file and we can deliver an IDML file back to you that you can easily import into InDesign. For the layout work, we use a layout expert. After the texts have been translated and entered into the InDesign format, there are always small adjustments to be made. We can take care of these too. Some customers choose to make the final changes themselves, while others let us do all the layout work. If you opt for the package solution, the texts can go straight to print.

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