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After 12 months of development work, we are introducing the world’s first online language services quotation system. Fasttranslator’s system recognises more than 40 file formats and takes into account repeated words. You don’t pay for repeated text with Fasttranslator. Not every translation is urgent, of course, and we offer significant discounts if there is a generous deadline to complete your translation.

We specialise in fast-turnaround translation services in all subject areas and all languages. Our offices in Europe, the United States and Canada, combined with time zone management, enable us to provide language services much faster than our competitors. We aim to be a strategic partner for all businesses, big or small, that want to go global. We offer 150 different languages at rates that drop over time.

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Fasttranslator timeline

2024 (April): All our local country websites are moved to one new entity. Goodbye,, and From now on, we'll all work under the same brand,

2024 (April) We completed translation project 540,000, a document for one of our regular clients in the insurance sector.

2023 (November) We are re-certified for the international ISO17100 and ISO9001 standards

2023 (January) Implementation of new services like raw machine translation and machine translation with revision by a human translator. The technology has advanced enough to make it part of our offering.

2022 (October) In Germany, we moved into our brand new office in Cologne.

2022 (March) Our automatic quotation system is now also capable of analysing scanned texts, allowing instant quotations 24x7 for documents that need certified translation.

2020 (December): We launched the first online quotation system that counts all the words in text submitted by the client and takes into account repetitions, significantly reducing translation costs for our customers.

2020 (February) we added the language Xhosa to our portfolio. We now offer 229 different language variations.

2019 (November) Launch of our 8th generation new website and corporate design FT8

2018 (November) 450,000 translation jobs completed

2018 (April) 400,000 human translations completed

2017 (December) ISO certification awarded: ISO 9001 and ISO 17100:2015.

2017 (February) Fasttranslator listed as one of the largest Language Service Providers by Common Sense Advisory

2016 (December) 380,000 human translations completed

2016 (March) ISO audits for our German and Dutch operations

2015 (December) Start of our language-engineering team for complex technical translation projects

2015 (April) 300,000th translation request

2015 (July) 320,000 human translations

2015 (January) Launch of new US website in Spanish

2015 (January) Launch of Canadian French website for customers in Quebec

2014 (September) Launch of Danish online shop for certified translations

2014 (February) Launch of the first online shop in the world dedicated to selling certified translations outside office hours in the United States, Germany, Spain and Canada

2014 (February) 250,000th translation request

2013 (December) Fasttranslator was chosen to become part of the team that set out to design the new EN standards for professional translations

2013 (June) Fasttranslator ranked 59th on the list of the 100 largest Multi-Language Vendors worldwide

2012 (November) 200,000th translation request

2012 (July) 166th language “Filipino” added to the portfolio

2012 (January) Milestone: 10 million USD previous year revenue

2011 (September) Incorporation of Belgian subsidiary Snelvertaler BVBA

2010 (December) Incorporation of Swedish subsidiary Sverige AB

2010 (August) 5,000th translator added to our database of professionals

2010 (May) Fasttranslator ranked 8th on the list of largest translation agencies (Western Europe) by Common Sense Advisory, Inc.

2010 (March) 100,000th translation request

2008 (September) Incorporation of German subsidiary Schnellübersetzer GmbH

2008 (March) 50,000th translation request

2008 (January) Milestone: 6 million USD previous year revenue

2006 (September) 2,000th translator added to our database of professionals

2006 (January) Milestone: 2.5 million USD previous year revenue

2005 (June) 10,000th translation request

2005 (June) 1,000th translator added to our database of professionals

2005 (January) 100th language “Sinhalese” added to the portfolio

2004 (January) Milestone: 1 million USD previous year revenue

2003 (July) 1,000th translation request

2002 (August) Completion of our project management system “Atlas”

2000 (September) Launch of

With AI technology reaching new capabilities, we started offering machine translation in combination with human revision in 2023.

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