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Cosmetic industry manufacturing

As a premier translation service provider for manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products in the United Kingdom and Europe, our dedication to our customers drives our business model. We specialise in advertising and labelling, and our translators meet the varying regulations of international target markets.

With a thorough understanding of the regulations involved in working in this sector and the terminology used for various formulas, our team of dedicated translation professionals is well-versed in ensuring your personal care and cosmetics communications are handled professionally and cost-effectively.

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Product Label translation

The label on your product is what catches the consumer's eye. It may also be the only way to convey important product information to the customer. We understand the importance of an aesthetically appealing label.

Instruction Manuals and User Guides Translation

Many cosmetics products, such as beauty devices, come with detailed instruction manuals. Accurate translation of these guides is necessary for user safety and product effectiveness.

Patent Translation

If a cosmetic company has a novel product or formulation, they may need their patent applications translated into multiple languages for international patent filing.

Market Research Translation

Translating market research, including surveys and focus group transcripts, can help a company better understand the needs and preferences of consumers in different markets.

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References and Clients

Below is an overview of some organisations for which we regularly provide translations.